Chemical Adding Device


Device for adding chemicals to clean marine inboard motor heat exchangers



This is Adit Marine’s specifically engineered venturi system which allows easy administration of chemical additives through the heat exchangers of inboard motors (eg. CFS – Clean Flush Soak)

To inject Descaler or CFS into the system, connect the CAD inline between your Adit Marine Fresh Water Inlet Device or Basin, and your garden hose. Place the CAD suction line into the CFS Concentrate, then turn “ON” the fresh water hose and start the engine. When a light froth appears from the exhaust (after approximately 60 seconds), turn “OFF” the engine and allow water hose to inject descaler solution through to the sea strainer and skin fitting (approximately ten seconds).

When using Descaler or CFS, it is recommended to leave the solution in the system for around 4 hours, before being flushed out with salt or fresh water.


zinc anodes must be removed from the raw water side of the cooling system as the Descaler solution will dissolve the zinc.

When engines are started, there will be a large amount of milky-like solution expelled from the exhaust. This will be the dissolved salt and calcium that was built up inside the cooling system. With the flushing of fresh water after each trip, the requirement for CFS treatment is only required approximately once a year, depending upon the condition of your local waterway. Inspection through a zinc anode opening will determine this. A five litre container of CFS Concentrate is sufficient to treat two motors, up to 500hp each if the scale build up is not too large. If scale is large the engines will require two treatments this two CFS bottles will be required.

Best results for maintaining heat exchangers are achieved by flushing using fresh water and an Adit Marine Fresh Water Inlet Device or Remote Flushing System, after every return trip while the engines are at operating temperature. The fresh water also stops sea creatures blocking the intake at the skin fitting.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 19.5 × 15.5 × 10.5 cm