Jet Ski Docks

The MPA Jet Ski Dock range  are designed for secure out of water jet ski and tinnie launching and storage. Jet Ski Docks makes getting your PWC in and out of the water much easier giving you more time to enjoy yourself. It’s also easy to attach the module to any existing berthing structure and will keep your craft high and dry making it the perfect storage solution too.

Simply steer your craft towards the groove and drive it up the dock. Alternatively, steer your craft towards the groove then use a whinch to haul your PWC onto the dock. The modules can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough treatment and the textured surface has been designed to maximise slip resistance.


  • The unique design of the docks has a rigid slip resistant deck and a smooth centre ramp. This maintenance free smooth ramp eliminates the need for rollers and provides the perfect keel support for your valuable asset. As the ramp is rigid, it does not belly in the centre which can leave your craft sitting in the water. Furthermore, it makes it exceptionally easy to launch on or off in seconds.


  • When your Jet Ski is on the 4.5 meters long dock, there is adequate room to connect the winch strap and fit the optional (anti-theft) Ski Lock and the jet nozzle is left high and dry out of the salt water.


  • All Jet Ski Docks come with professionally designed mounting kits and posted winches and can be attached to one another with the unique Dog Bone couplers.


  • The Jet Ski Dock is Rotationally Moulded from 280kg’s of tough UV Stabilised Polyethylene


  • Made in Superior’s Queensland factory right here in Australia and can handle 450kg with ease.


  • Module size: 4.5m x 1.5m
  • Versatile modular system
  • Tough rotomoulded polyethylene
  • Carrying capacity of 450kg
  • Available in a range of colours
  • UV and impact resistant
  • Fits tinnies up to 4.1m
  • Easily demountable and movable

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