Dry Berth Pontoons

A Dry Berth Pontoon application can be added to a strut or piled option, however this is not recommended on a cable pontoon.  It consists of a standard concrete pontoon which has a modified deck called a “cutout” to lower the freeboard and allow a vessel to be winched up on top of the deck for storage. It is a cost effective option for owners of small to medium sized power boats (up to 2 tonne) where a safe dry store of a boat at their property is desired.

Utilising a ‘one size fits all’ roller system, a manual or electric winch and a specially shaped pontoon surface, an individual can quickly and simply dry berth their boat to allow for easy maintenance and access while minimising the craft’s exposure to the effects of constant immersion.



  • Larger vessel can be moored beside the pontoon simultaneously
  • Can Dry Berth up to 6m vessel
  • Option of roller system and electric whinch

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