Clean Flush Soak

CFS is a descaling product which will remove calcium, barnacles, rust and scale build up from the inside of marine engine heat exchangers and will not damage the parent material. CFS comes in a concentrated form for ease of transport, storage and will make up 25ltrs (4:1 ratio) of strong usable chemical cleaner from a 5ltr container of concentrate.

CFS can also be used to clean the fresh water side of motors to ensure there is maximum cooling during engine use. This will remove any rust build up due to air pockets and insufficient coolant additive’s. Ratio for this is 6:1. Engines need to be run and heated up to approx. 70 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes, shut down for approx. 10 minutes. This procedure should be carried out approx. 3 times for complete cleaning. NOTE during this procedure the radiator cap should not be installed in its usual place to allow any gasses to escape. On completion, drain out block content and replace with engine manufacturers recommended coolant.

CFS can be administered into the raw water system via the use of our CAD (chemical adding device).


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