Cable Pontoons

The most economical method of securing a pontoon is also the lightest duty where the gangway is placed into compression to hold the whole structure and the vessel from the land anchor on the shore.  This method is suitable for the berthing of small craft in sheltered conditions such as canal estates or lakes.  It is also the easiest to install and remove especially if a temporary installation is desired.
The pontoon is positioned by the gangway placed centrally and pivoted at the rear. The gangway starts from a concrete mass land anchor on the shore. Lateral support is gained by the fitting of stainless steel cables attached to the rear corners of the pontoon and the other end to two abutment blocks on the shore in line with the gangway block.


  • Economical alternative for berthing smaller craft
  • Ideal for mooring in sheltered conditions such as canal estates or lakes
  • Pivoted gangway- stainless steel cables create lateral support

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